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Roadwork & Bridges

Vallecito Spillway Bridge - San Juan National Forest

This project located approximately 22 miles east of Durango, CO involved the construction of a 145’ long single span bridge over the existing spillway. The foundation for the bridge required significant concrete reinforcements for abutments, wing-walls, approaches and sleeper slabs. The bridge was constructed with field splicing and erection of four 6’ x 145’ steel girders with diaphragms this was completed with the use of temporary pier or falsework towers using a 400 ton crane. With the addition of the bridge a new road was constructed connecting the existing service road to the bridge that required traffic control, signage and pavement markings.

Vallecito Bridge


Cibola Bridge Deck Replacement - La Paz County, AZ

This project included general construction, demolition, and removal of existing structures, and navigational lighting. The Bridge spans 500 feet across the Colorado River, and included bridge deck replacement and pier substructure rehab. The bridge deck was removed with heightened environmental restrictions due to its placement over a navigable waterway. Within the bridge deck a steel grate section was removed for lead abatement and re-encapsulation. There was also a pier inspection performed with underwater divers to determine the bridges support condition prior to the pile wrapping and encapsulation. The project duration will be 4-6 months during the winter to protect the disturbance of swallows nesting on the bridge during migration.

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